About Vox Real Estate

"We don’t just help others purchase and sell homes – We believe in real estate. 

I invest in real estate.  I've also built custom homes and remodeled homes and recreational properties.   This personal involvement in renovating homes has given me a sharp eye for the kind of issues that need to be addressed within the buying and selling process. 

At Vox, we are dedicated to putting your needs first, and always without pressure. "

- Kristin Buta

Kristin Buta
Owner & Realtor

I moved to Salt Lake in 2003 from Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m a second-generation Realtor.  Having been in and out of the Real Estate industry since 1993, I naturally understand the dynamics of Real Estate. 

I left a long-standing leadership position in Healthcare to open my own business to spend my days helping clients and making a positive impact in my community. 


I am dedicated, analytical, organized, and love helping my clients.  I created Vox on the philosophy that our customers always come first and we are take pride in doing the right thing.

My family owns a custom home build company and I can often be found walking properties and talking to contractors.  Real Estate is a passion for me.  I simply love helping clients achieve their goals and helping them build long-term wealth in Real Estate. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy time outdoors, going camping, taking photographs, renovating homes, giving back to our community, renovating my 1965 Thunderbird, supporting the arts and music, and spending time with my family and our dogs.

Chelsea Petrich
Client Relations Director, Realtor

I was born and raised in Bluffdale, Utah.  I’ve been in Real Estate since 2019 and I’ve had a long-time admiration for the hardworking agents I’ve known over the years; Kristin Buta being at the top of that list.  

Being of service to others is very important to me, which is why Client Relations is a perfect fit.  For over 20 years I’ve been working with all types of customers in different industries including the airlines industry. 


One of the main things that sets Vox apart from the rest is the absolute and genuine care for people. To be able to witness this and be involved in it daily is the reason why I love coming to work every day.  We make sure our clients are happy with our services and make sure they have everything they need.  

When I’m not working, I’m making handmade soaps and other customized products, spending time outdoors, wandering this beautiful state, or reading a book.

Meet The Team

Community Garden

Focused on Community

We Love Where We Live!


We are often found volunteering our time to rehab community spaces, raising food and clothing drives for the Navajo Reservation, and donating to several local non-profits in our community. 

We believe in being active participants in our area.  We teach home-buying classes through local businesses and hold catch-up sessions with our clients.  We also partner with local businesses. 

We believe that we all do better when we work together.


If you want to spend some time volunteering with us or have an idea for our next project, let us know!


Thinking About Your Next Move? 





Land and Recreational

Land and Recreational





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Our Promise

We provide buyers and sellers with an effective game plan from defining concise goals and implementing creative and constructive strategy plans.  We developed a customized care package from the beginning stages of a transaction through closing and beyond.

Regardless if you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned veteran in real estate, we're here by your side every step of the way. 


At the closing table, our goal is for you to feel that the experience exceeded your expectations, throughout all our interactions – from our first meeting to closing – And we will work hard to achieve that goal.



When you choose us as your partner, you are not just getting trusted and respected agents – you are getting local experts who are passionate about serving our community and those who call it home.  Whatever your lifestyle.



Let’s get started.

Let us help you achieve your goals.
Let's connect about your real estate needs today.

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